Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Weekends

Hurray! Its Friday! The sun is shining in London and is set to be nice & warm all weekend! Enjoy your weekkend whatever you are up to! x
Here are some summery images by a stylist whose work I came across recently - Alison Davidson.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Deco Blog Awards - Vote for Me!!

I am thrilled to have been nominated for the My Deco Design Democracy Blog Awards! How exciting!
I have been asked to explain what design democracy means to me, and then from the 1st August you can cast your vote, please vote for me if you feel I’m worthy! Here goes....
pick me! :) 
photo by i.Anton

'For me, blogging opened a whole new world and a new career running my online boutique.  When I discovered blogging I discovered a voice with which I could literally offer up my thoughts on interiors and design, and if people liked it they could say so, if they didn’t, they can also pass comment freely.
We have always been free to do what we like with the interior of our own homes, but now it is not only the magazine editors and interior designers who inspire us, we are inspired by thousands of bloggers whose tips, ideas, links and own personal experiences give us the courage to go and create a home that is full of character and things that you truly love.  Design is now wholly accessible to everyone, not just to the people in the know, and is more exciting than ever, and all opinions count no matter what your taste, style or views!'

If you would like to vote for me and my blog go here from the 1st August to do so. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Updates for under £50...

Discount website Voucher Codes are running a Summer Home Styling Challenge to promote smart spending and I was invited to take part in their challenge and have selected some of my favourite online buys for updating your bathroom and kitchen.  All items are under £50!
Blue bottles £12 - Graham & Green Wooden Cabinets £35 - Plumo
Blue & White towel £45 - Toast  Butterfly Print £44.95 - Rockett St George
Jute Storage baskets £20 - The White Company
Silver Lamp shade £39.95 - Pale & Interesting  
Rusted metal fish sign £19 - Re Found Objects
Wooden box shelves £35 - Pale & Interesting  
Large Glass Jar £48 - Dee Puddy
Jute Rug £47.50 - John Lewis

Check out the Voucher Codes website for offers at Habitat, The White Company, Graham & Green to name a few! And why not take part in their challenge?!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Garden Days...

wow, its been another hectic week, time just whizzes by! Luckily the weather has been nice this weekend, in fact without wanting to jinx it, the summer has been pretty good so far!
So this weekend I've taken some time to tidy up the garden... mainly weeding and brushing up but also adding some new planters to the window sills which I picked up last week in the Cotswolds...
This one came from Burford Garden Centre - which was fab and I coulda spent a lot more money at!
And then while browsing a lovely deli in another pretty Cotswold village I asked if they had any spare olive canisters which they had dotted around the shop as display - and they gave me these 2 for free! result! I hope to eventually plant something in them! :)
And I also added this cute metal sign my mum got me, adds a little interested to a blank white wall! 
Claude looking not too amused that he has to watch from inside (he's not old enough or big enough to go out yet, bless him!)
And just a few other corners of our little garden...
our shed needs regualr haircuts!
this vintage coca cola crate came from one of my fave shops - The Old Cinema.
Hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sun if you had it! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boutique discount offer

If you haven't checked out the online shop for a while here's a little peep at what you're missing! There's been lots of new vintage items added in the last few weeks, many of which have been snapped up already - but here are a few of my personal faves which I found hard to put on the website and not on my mantelpiece instead! :)   Visit the vintage section to see the whole range.

Until Sunday 25th July you can receive 15% off your order when you enter JULYOFFER at the checkout.

Oh and if you happen to be flicking through the August issue of Company magazine look out for me! I've written a little debate piece about why blogging is good for your career! 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let me count the ways...

If you seen my pics from my recent France trip you might have spotted the stencils on the old mill machine which really caught my eye.... there's just something so appealing visually to me and also it intrigues me as I want to know what they refer to!
So I'm now obsessed with anything with numbers printed or stencilled on them! and I am totally in love with this steel window box I picked up at Kempton Park market a few weeks ago for our front window...
And such an easy thing to do yourself if you wanted to customise something yourself.... I think it would be great on some terracotta pots or galvanised buckets in the garden....

 And how great are these old stencil sets found on Ebay?!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keys to the Fleas

I'm still feeling rather French since my little holiday last week, so how excited was I to find out Claudia from the Paris Apartment has just launched an iPhone app called Keys to the Fleas which details all the flea markets in Paris, how to find them, when they're on, and what you will find at each one! Possibly the best iPhone app ever in my eyes!

And who thought technology could be so pretty?! The design on the app is really chic, the pretty illustrations were done by Elaine Biss.
If you are planning a trip to Paris any time soon you have to get this! (If you have an iPhone obviously!) Or just get it and plan your next trip to Paris around the seasonal markets... one on my list being Lille's Grand Braderie in September.  (check out Home Shopping Spy's great review of last year's event)

Buy the app here or search for Keys to the Fleas on your iPhone app store. (its only £1.19!)
Now we just need an app like this for the UK!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Week in France....

I am suffering a little from post holiday blues after a lovely few days down in the South of France... and still slightly gutted at the fact Ryanair's baggage restrictons made me throw away the copies of Marie Claire Maison & Maison Chic magazines I'd bought, and a jar of purple and white lidded Bonne Maman jam! :( Not mentioning the fact I practically had to put on all my clothes I had in my bag at once, just to make it light enough to pass their weight limit! I know rules are rules, but its still very annoying to have to get rid of your holiday purchases!

Anyway, here are some little snaps from my trip  - the area we were staying, around the Charente and Dordogne regions, is truly beautiful - huge fields of sunflowers and maize line all the roads,  I never got bored of the sight of all that yellow!
We stayed in a family friends gorgeous converted farmhouse with the 4 rowdy chickens and views out over the stunning countryside....
We visited the house my other half's mum is soon to move into with her husband and convert into holiday lets... I was loving the old mill machinery that was still there.... the place will be amazing when its all finished, and I can't wait to spend more time out there!
Sadly I didn't manage to find any great flea markets while there - it seems they are mostly on the weekend, so I missed them, but I did find a little cave of a shop in a town we visited called Brantome which was full of all those typically French lovelies - linens, lace, glassware, enamelware and old tins... It was pretty pricey though, I guess as it was located in a bit of a touristy town... great for a browse though!
On our last day we did check out a big market in a town called Riberac, the market is held on a Friday morning, and was really buzzing - it was a proper variety market - anything from food, to clothes, souvenirs to crafts.... I bought a few French soaps, the kind that come in every colour and scent imaginable - at least these didn't get taken from me at the airport! :) Apart from that we browsed the lovely food stalls, and the only bric a brac/furniture type stall I could find.....!
All in all a great trip - although I think next time we should drive there so I can bring back as much shopping as I want! :)
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