Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gorgeous Prints

If you ask me you can never have enough art, photography or even objects to hang on the wall, even if you are worried about it getting to cluttered you can always rotate your artwork so it never gets stale.  Wrap up the unused works in bubble wrap and slip them into the cupboard under the stairs, or somewhere equally as handy so its not too much of a chore when you want a change.
Some prints I'm loving right now are from Eva Juliet on Etsy.... Eva is an art director based in Canada and I think her work is really beautiful - I also love how some of the prints come in either English or French....

I would love one of these culinary prints for the kitchen...

 And for those days where things seem rough... get some motivation!
 And how pretty are these just simply hanging on little pegs?!

Check out the rest of Eva's range here


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely have to check her Etsy shop out! These are delightful and you are so right - you can never have too much artwork on hand!

  2. Having gone to my first art show at the end of last year in Teddington (and spent way too much) I'm a bit addicted to finding talented artists ... so thank you for the link.


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