Friday, January 7, 2011

Something for the weekend...

I'm just about to go curl up on the sofa with little Claude and the latest copy of Living Etc, but before I do I just wanted to share some lovely images from the renowned French photographer Francois Halard.

 The glamourous bathroom above is that of Gela Nash-Taylor, co-founder of Juicy Couture.
Loving that bath tub! (Pic via Habitually Chic from Vogue magazine)

I wish my long hallway looked this bright! Although I'm not sure I'd be that comfortable with leaving my bike that close to the wallpaper! :)

And a few more of my fave shots from his portfolio...

And this final shot shows Halards own kitchen - the perfect mix of modern and vintage...
(pic via Remodelista)
Have a lovely weekend! 


  1. Wow, these are all incredible photos of some beautiful spaces! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful! That kitchen is stunning :)

  3. What a portfolio, thanks for sharing! I dream of a bath tub like that! One day, one day ;) xx

  4. Awesome. I like your work very much. Especially Halard's kitchen and Gela Nash-Taylor's bathroom. I would like to invite you and do some harmony to my rooms.


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