Thursday, February 10, 2011

the Modern Royal Wedding Tea Towel

Last weekend I was up in Birmingham at the Spring Fair trade show, looking for new products for the shop, and was amused by some of the Royal Memorabilia that was on show.  There is nothing wrong with a kitsch plate I have to say, but as for a cushion with WIlliam and Kate's faces on?! really?! At least with a tea towel (which apparantely is not acceptable merchandise according to Buckingham Palace) you can have that little souvenir but it is still tucked away in a drawer or put to use in the kitchen, not on your sofa for all to see (and snigger)
With just over 2 months to go to the big day, there may be some further alternatives to Royal Memoribilia popping up, but at the moment, a couple of my fave teatowels are these..... (how cute is the corgi?!)

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  1. I went to Birmingham as well, my mugs were on displayed of course they were a small spot in a huge painting, huge venue!!! never thought it could be so big!! Greta stuff I wanted to buy so much stuff and cheap haha...i don't mind the last tea towel.


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