Monday, March 28, 2011


Founder of Decor8 blog, Holly Becker has just had her first book published, Decorate, and it is literally packed full of great ideas, inspiration and photography. Holly and co-author Joanna Copestick haven't focused on one particular style of interiors, but rather looked at what, why and how we decorate our homes.  It really does seem to cover every aspect of interior design and decoration - from how you lay out your space, to wallpaper, to making your home brighter.

 The format of the book means you can dip into it at any time, and there are lots of small sections of text, and bullet pointed guidelines, plus lots of lovely quotes and tips from interior designers, stylish homeowners and bloggers (including me!)
 They advice on developing your own style, by using moodboards, and building up your collection of furniture and objects gradually over time, to create an eclectic home that reflects your personality.

 Its also lovely to see some of the gorgeous homes of designers, stylists and photographers such as Sania Pell, Jonathan Adler and Amy Butler.

 This is definitely one book I'll be referring to when I need inspiration! 
Published by Jacqui Small, and available to buy on Amazon.


  1. I've been "planning" to decorate my place for nearly three years but don't really have a clue what my style is. I like the idea of a book that gives you advice on how to find out what you really like or how to develop an idea until it becomes a decorating theme.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to this read.

  2. Great review! Such beautiful homes.
    Have a sweet day!

  3. Looks great! I plan to go to to the signing in Liberty. Inspiration like i need another one! x

  4. There's a few mag articles & blogs showing quite a lot of the book...enough for me to get some useful interiors inspiration & not have to buy the book! Thanks all, that'll save a few pennies an' I need all at the mo!!

  5. I am moving to my new home next month so i am searching for decorating knowledge and stuff for my new home and garden.I get some inspiring knowledge from your blog.I visit many blogs which are related to decor & craft.Even Decor8Too.Your blog is also impressive and good.


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