Thursday, April 21, 2011

Livening up the garden

The weather in the UK really has been amazing the last few days, and is set to last into the Easter weekend! hurray! I've been sitting out in the garden, thinking firstly, how bad I am at gardening, and secondly how uncomfortable it is perching on our current metal chairs! (Thats not my garden above by the way! I wish! Its a lovely shot from Graham & Green!) So I'm thinking maybe I should go for some garden furniture and accessories to liven things up this year, rather than wasting my time with planting stuff!!
I'd love a hammock if I had somewhere to hang one! They really are comfy! The above one from the Conran Shop would certainly inject some colour! And how cute is the hanging seat (also Conran) although I'd need a pretty sturdy established tree for that I imagine! A colourful deckchair may have to be my version of a hammock for now.....  
Turquoise table and chair from Habitat
But if you after a bit more of a neutral vibe, (maybe you are better at the plants and adding colour that way than me!!) these lovely accessories caught my eye....

Enjoy the weather!! 

PS If you fancy that hammock - Conran Shop are running a competition on Facebook to win £150 of vouchers - check it out here.

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