Tuesday, April 12, 2011

mini bunting and flags!

wow, the last week has just flown by! Mostly I have been sanding wood work in the front room as I am STILL preparing it for painting! But hopefully that will begin this weekend.  I also attended a bloggers evening at the Conran offices to celebrate My Deco's 3rd birthday which was fun, and I found a few quiet moments to make some mini bunting and flags for my Royal wedding party! It was really simple, but I took some pics so thought I'd share them.... Ooh, and feel free to use my flag template if you fancy making it too! ;)

I'm quite excited for the Wedding - I think mainly for the long weekend we'll have, and the excuse to make some cake and drink some bubbly! Has anyone got plans for it?



  1. Thank you for the template - I'll be putting it to good use!


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