Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Inspiration

Sometimes when I should be doing work, I think I'll just have a quick peek at a few blogs, and before you know it I'm caught up in the forever-linking world and hours have gone by! The breadth of talent and of inspiring reads is overwhelming... I thought I would share a fwe of the blogs I have connected with this week - some are well known, so may not be news to you, but this is just what I'm being drawn to at the moment!

Katie is an artist, print maker & textile designer, and she likes lots of things I like - cats, old things, flowers, interior decoration, cycling,  to name a few.

A popular blog from Belgium written by stylist Yvonne.  
A fellow cat owner, with a gorgeous home.

Stephanie is a lifestyle and food blogger,
who has a gorgeous property in France you can rent out.

A colourful and crafty blog by the very talented Leslie Shewring.

Gorgeous food and photography blog by Aran, 
a food writer and photographer funnily enough!
Simply beautiful.
A interior decoration blog from the island of Jersey.

A South African blog on fashion, decor, weddings 
and great tips if you're planning a trip to Cape Town!

Hope you enjoy these as much as me!


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