Monday, April 4, 2011

Pale & Interesting

You may remember a while ago, I mentioned about decorating my living room and painting the fireplace white? Well I am now in the beginning stages of preparing the room to be painted, and am still taking some of my inspiration from a house (below) I spotted on Light Locations....

And when I seen that Atlanta Bartlett and David Coote had just published a new book - Pale and Interesting - I knew it would be full of similar inspiring images and would fill me with hope that one day my room will look the ones in their book! At the moment, I'm not quite feeling like that though, as I have currently half stripped the paint off the cornice, and now wishing I'd never started!! :(

The beautiful photography by Polly Wreford really highlights the interior style Atlanta and Dave are known for - light, bright, fresh and simple, where vintage pieces are given space to breath, and stand out against the neutral backdrop...

 I'd always been worried an all white scheme could be a bit boring or stark, but this book actually confirms to me that it only highlights beautiful furniture and objects you've collected, and that it can work across all rooms of the home - from an office space to the kitchen. 

One section of the book focuses on collecting, and gives tips on how best to display these items.  I love the image below and how these vintage kitchen utensils have been framed in plain contemporary style frames, setting them off, and turning them into art!

 I could literally step into any of the pages of the book and happily live a peaceful, subtle and calm life! I dare you to flick through this book, and not have the urge to paint your floorboards white! :) 
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Images courtesy of Ryland Peters and Small


  1. I dream of white floors and someday I WILL paint mine! Love these photos. I couldn't live in this much pale but I sure would like to vacation there : )

  2. I've bought this book it's so great! i am planning to decorate the whole house and am painting the floorboards white! love this look.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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