Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where's the telly?!

Do you ever flick through interiors mags or books and think 'Where's the telly?' 
High tech modern tellys are not the most beautiful of objects but lets face we all have at least one! Or most people do anyway.  But we don't get that much inspiration on how to display them and incorporate them in to our interior. I struggled a little to find gorgeous pics online where the TV had been firstly, included, and secondly, looked good....
This very glamourous room above has discreetly mounted the TV on the wall, which looks very neat, but for some reason I'm not a fan of wall-mounted TVs and where is their digibox and DVD player?! 
Oh, and I should mention I've also got a thing against 'media units' - the obvious choice of furniture for your TV, but I can't bear them! Practical but dull!
So below are a few alternatives ideas ...

We've currently have our TV on Habitat's Kilo Table - but it bugs me that you can see all the cables and wires everywhere, so now that we have finished decorating the living room (yay! pics to come!) I am on the look out for something else for the TV that will hide the wires better.
 Something like this is cool, although same problems with wires....

Pedlars have some good options, although sadly well out of my price range...  starting at £1200.
 One of my favourite shops - The Old Cinema has some great vintage drawer units... starting from £245, more affordable!
 Ikea do the only 'media unit' that I may consider.... it has the gaps for the wires to feed through and your remote works through the glass for your DVD etc. £203.23
And finally I am loving this scrubbed pine cupboard from Rose and Grey... it would fit snugly in the space and has a cupboard door and a drawer to hid away DVDs remotes etc.

Am i over thinking this too much?! How do you display your telly?
Did you think about it this much? :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Modern Vintage Style


I've blogged about Emily Chalmers a few times - her lovely book Cheap Chic and an interview with her here, so its no surprise I've got my mitts on her latest book Modern Vintage Style! 
Emily's theory on interiors is so similar to my own, (although I imagine she is a lot better at putting it all together!)  but that there is no need to impose rules on what goes with what - just trust your own instincts and if you're drawn to something for whatever reason you will find the perfect spot for it in your home!
The term 'Modern Vintage' is what stops all our vintage finds from just looking old fashioned and tatty - mixing them in with certain modern pieces and with modern living updates the look, and vice versa - quirky vintage pieces gives the home character which is often lost through purely modern furnishings.

The above 2 shots are from the home of artist Clare Baslar 
whose art work is very obviosuly inspired by nature, this love also comes through in her interior.  
She sets the modern Ikea bed frame and light fittings against a rustic canvas of bare wood floors and peeling paintwork accented with beautiful blooms and grasses.
See more from Clare's home studio here
Above  artist Aurelie Mathigot adds a quirky twist to a modern appliance by adding a patchwork cover to her Apple Mac! I love the idea of putting your computer to bed and tucking it in with a patchwork blanket! :) Other images from Aurelie's home throughout the book show her obvious passion for textiles and her flair for mixing old and new seamlessly.

 And finally another talented artist Nathalie Lete - (whose ceramics you can find in Anthropologie) has definitely not been bound with interior design rules when creating her home.... it is quirky, mismatched and fun - and she proves that its totally ok to mix florals with stripes and red with pink!

Get a further sneak preview of the book here  Or go straight to Amazon to get your copy!

PS - if you are a fan of photographer Debi Treloar who worked with Emily on this book, check out her new blog! Especially her post about photography with an iphone, proving you don't need to be a whizz with a camera to get lovely shots!

PPS - you can win a signed copy of the book donated by Emily in our raffle at our event at the Soho Secret Tearoom on the 16th June! All info here.  let me know if you'd like to come! 

(All pics ©Ryland Peters and Small)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dates for your diary...

London is just a constant flow of events, launches, previews and private views isn't it?! I'm sure I could go out into London any night of the week and sniff out a free glass of vino at a gallery or press launch.  I love it, and I know I don't make use of it enough... (although to be fair I don't know where'd I really find the time, unless someone invents something which means we never have to sleep again to gain back a few more hours in the day!)
Anyway, if you do have time to get out and about and experience our amazing city, here are a few of my picks of events in the coming weeks and months...

This Weekend!
Last days of Made in Clerkenwell 
Open Studios where you can view and buy from some of London's most talented designers, from jewellery to glass, to homewares.  Lovely gifts like Kate Clarke's prints...

26th - 30th May
Westfield Shopping Centre in West London is hosting a Home Trends Show - which will include celebrity guests, (I'm hoping for the Dulux Dog!) interior design master classes and demo's and discounts for the likes of Habitat, M&S etc.  Definitely worth a peep if you are out shopping there over the bank holiday.

4th June
If you fancy a night out on the tiles, why not raise money for charity while you're at it?! Swing for Skin is a 1940's tea dance being held onboard the HMS Belfast to raise money for DEBRA UK, a charity who support those with EB - a genetic blistering skin condition. Get dressed up and go back in time for a night! :)
16th June
Patchwork Harmony is also holding a charity night in collaboration with Yes London to raise money for Dress for Success - a charity that assists the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.  We'll be having a few interesting speakers talking about business related topics, and we'll have a fine set of raffle prizes for you to win! Come along for a glass of wine, a cuppa and some cake! More info here
10th July
If you are a design or craft blogger then why not sign up for the London Blognic?! Lynne and Ellie will be holding this as a get together for bloggers in Regents Park... get those picnic baskets out! :) 
29th - 31st July
Vintage at the Southbank - Wayne Hemingway's event of all things vintage, from bands, to film, shops, dance and workshops. Make a weekend of it!

Anytime! And hey, if you're just not feeling the traisping around London, and just want to curl up on the sofa (with your laptop) check out newly launched online publication - Midcentury Magazine Have a nose around other peoples homes, without leaving the comfort of your own!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Car Boot Beauties

thanks for your thoughts and ideas for my floorboards! I'm still undecided, although I think I am now swaying away from painting them white, mainly because it is hard work to keep them looking great...
I'm thinking more rustic, which means less work! I think I am too busy for high maintenance flooring! :)  I love the floors in these shots from Sania Pell's portfolio....

Sania has just relaunched her website, with some lovely pics of her styling work, and I also love how she's been keeping a record of her flea market and car boot sale finds on her Facebook page.... she seems to find really unique and interesting items..... I especially love this collection of clock faces...

 Sania picked up most of these things for just a few quid or less! I will have to photograph some of my car boot sale finds too I think! whats the best thing you've picked up at the car boot?!
(all pics ©Sania Pell)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Look up to the sky

I hope you don't mind me going off topic today, but I've been doing a some fundraising recently and wanted to have a little shout about it!
Firstly, since the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in March, I have been giving £1 from every order at Patchwork Harmony to the British Red Cross to help with the relief efforts in the country. I have also matched every £1 raised with £1 of my own money.  I think everyone was shocked by the images that came out of Japan that week, so I felt anything we can do to raise even a small amount of money may help.  We've managed to raise £104, so thank you to everyone who supports my boutique and made a purchase since March.

A year ago today I was at the funeral of a 26 year old family friend, the younger brother of one of my very close friends, a lovely young man who did lots for charity himself, and was in fact training for a marathon when he was diagnosed with Leukemia.  An aggressive cancer which took John from us in a very short time.   This weekend I am running the Cancer Research Race for Life, in Regents Park, I am really not a runner, so even 5K is a challenge for me, but I think it is going to be an amazing experience to run with women who are battling or have beaten cancer, plus the power of everyone remembering those they may have lost, I think, will push me through.
Our lives are so crazy and hectic, that every now and again, we should just look up to the sky and remember those who we've lost and those who struggle every day with illness and poverty, this quickly makes me realise that running 5K is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
John and his family will be deeply in my thoughts as I run around Regents Park on Saturday.

You can donate to my fundraising page here: http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/carolinetaylor0610 - even if its just £1, this will also be matched by my employer which will double my money!

And finally, one more event which you can come along and get involved in! On the 16th June, I will be collaborating with Yes London to hold an evening of tea, wine, talks & shopping!
Yes London (www.yeslondon.org.uk) are a network for career women who hold events to raise money for the Dress for Success charity who 'promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.' (www.dressforsuccess.org)
We are holding the event from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at the Soho Secret Tearooms in London, we're going to have some great speakers talking about topics such as starting up your own business and networking tips, and we already have some great raffle prizes coming in from the likes of Rose and Grey, Fair Cake and many more!
Patchwork Harmony will also have a small stall of our bestselling products.  Money from the raffle and £1 from every sale on my stall will go to Dress for Success.
if you would like to come to the event, drop me an email at info@patchworkharmony.co.uk - we are not being hugely strict on the guest list, but it would be good to have an idea of numbers, so do let me know. :)more info is below:

Hopefully see you there!

top image from Morning Light in my room

Monday, May 16, 2011

Floor Dilemma

So we are still painting our front room! Possibly the longest decorating project in history! But is so hard when you are working full time, running a business and busy with hen weekend's, birthdays etc!
We haven't even discussed what we'll do with the floorboards yet, they are looking a bit of a mess at the moment with dust and paint splatters....

A few possible ideas....
 stripped back and natural
 white, light, bright
or stained darker to contrast the white?

What do you reckon?

(all pics via Hege Greenall-Scholtz's blog - my new fave blog!)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother Nature

Another hectic week has flown by! I haven't had a chance to post some pics from the bank holiday weekend.... I will spare you my Royal Wedding party pics as I think I've missed the boat on that one! old news! But I was inspired by a walk the other half and I went on last Saturday.  We drove up to Leith Hill in Surrey, to track down the bluebell woods, before they all disappear...

It was a gorgeous day and the bluebells were beautiful... (although it did take us about 3 hours to find them!) I found myself collecting things along the way, and it reminded me about how much we bring the outdoor world into our home decor... obviously plants and cut flowers, fabrics and wallpapers featuring flora and fauna... but also the idea of found objects, such as feathers, pretty stones, leaves, shells etc.

 Not a new idea by any means, but I think it is the way you display them...
Elle Decoration has a lovely feature in this months issue of a Sydney home - and I love how they have displayed sea urchin and sea shells in jars...

I wish we had Pottery Barn in the UK, they have some gorgeous things, such as these jars....
I love how they've styled them here....

Or simply collect them in bowls ...

Frame your found objects... Or just buy these ones from Etsy sellers who have done the work for you! 

Here are some of the things I found on my walk used in some product photos for my shop!

pics: 1-3: Me, 4&5: Burcu Avsar 6: Debi Treloar 7&8: Chris Court 9: Elle Decoration  10: Pottery Barn 11: Holly Jolliffe  12: Etsy  13: Etsy  14&15: Patchwork Harmony
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