Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Creative Walls

I am loving this recently published book, Creative Walls, which focuses on how to adorn the walls of your home... The author, Geraldine James is the home buying manager at Selfridges - what an amazing job! 
In the book, she shows us how to decorate our walls with a difference... from interesting objects to ways for displaying your art and photographs well, to ideas for the outside walls too... like the plate display below!

I created my own plate display in my hall (see 'how to' here and the results!) but I really like how the plates in the below shot have been arranged along the natural line of the plaster on the wall, giving this rustic room a delicate touch...

There are lots of other lovely ideas with natural materials and found objects such as these signs - the marble 'Pupo' slab was apparantely picked up from the road side! 

So if you are currently staring at blank walls wondering what you should do, or you just fancy a change, this is a great book to flick through for some quirky inspiration.
Get a sneak peek inside the book here and buy from Amazon

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