Monday, May 16, 2011

Floor Dilemma

So we are still painting our front room! Possibly the longest decorating project in history! But is so hard when you are working full time, running a business and busy with hen weekend's, birthdays etc!
We haven't even discussed what we'll do with the floorboards yet, they are looking a bit of a mess at the moment with dust and paint splatters....

A few possible ideas....
 stripped back and natural
 white, light, bright
or stained darker to contrast the white?

What do you reckon?

(all pics via Hege Greenall-Scholtz's blog - my new fave blog!)


  1. We are having this very same dilemma. I vote for white. My husband think's i'm crazy but it looks so clean and airy!

  2. The dark wood against the white is my favourite by a country mile.

    I did a shoot in a house recently with white gloss painted floors, Its impressive when you first see it but upclose inspection and a chat with the owner proved to me that life is too short for the up keep!

  3. White looks stunning but won't stay pristine for long. My vote is for the dark stain; it's warm and sophisticated.

  4. I love the white floorboards, looks so clean! I can't decide whether to do my floorboards white or dark brown stain, been thinking for months, if it's a much used room maybe the dark stain.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. I like the first (: just natural and pretty!

  6. Definitely dark! I love Zoe's grey painted ones..

  7. I love painted floorboards; our bathroom ones are painted white and the kitchen ones are black. The white floor is a pain to keep clean, but black is ideal. One tip I will pass on to you though, is to invest in quality floor paint, both specialised primer and floor paint as they have more coverage and staying power than the cheaper brands.

  8. Hi there! We have painted floors in white with the grain showing through, and I've never got sick of them. It looks fabulous/ clean/ calm and feels brighter and bigger.
    First thing first, get the floors sanded. You can either hire or get a professional in. Make sure you get the edge sander as well if you decide to go down the DIY route. Work with the grain

    This little project may well feel like you're painting the fourth bridge.

    If you want the washed effect, make absolutely sure you mix up enough watered down emulsion paint to cover the entire floor. Mix to the effect you want. and test it on some sanded planks. We use brilliant white. If you mix up too little you'll never get the same consistency so .... do more than you think you might need.
    Our boards are 9"and are the old Pitch Pine (with the very dark grain) Paint one floor board at a time, working in the direction of the grain. If you overlap the paint you'll get an uneven effect and it won't look great! If your floor boards have great gaps in between, you might need to cut thin strips of spare floor board to hammer down between them (before you sand) so it's nice and tight. When the floor expands and contracts so to will the strip. We do one coat of paint. Let it dry first, before you decide the overall effect you want. Next step is sealing... and this is the tricky one. Use a non-yellowing, varnish that is used on boats or some similar product that is very hard wearing. You'll need to apply a minimum of 3 coats - wait for each coat to harden, sand lightly and re apply. We do about 4-5 coats (our hallway has 5 as there's more wear'n tear) Our floors get quite a hammering... we're not very good at taking our shoes off - it's not great with dogs as they leave muddy paw marks everywhere Every now and then I do have to get down on my hands and knees and give the floor a through cleaning... sometimes this will take an entire morning. Dust does seem to appear from nowhere... but with regular hoovering it's not too much of a problem. On the whole it's worth is.. when they get worn a bit people still comment on how fabulous our floors are... They look great with modern and vintage furniture providing the wood isn't too dark. Our floors on average last about 3-4 years before we need to start again.
    Let us know how you get on... and good luck!

  9. I love the white and bright effect! So crisp and clean!


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