Monday, May 23, 2011

Modern Vintage Style


I've blogged about Emily Chalmers a few times - her lovely book Cheap Chic and an interview with her here, so its no surprise I've got my mitts on her latest book Modern Vintage Style! 
Emily's theory on interiors is so similar to my own, (although I imagine she is a lot better at putting it all together!)  but that there is no need to impose rules on what goes with what - just trust your own instincts and if you're drawn to something for whatever reason you will find the perfect spot for it in your home!
The term 'Modern Vintage' is what stops all our vintage finds from just looking old fashioned and tatty - mixing them in with certain modern pieces and with modern living updates the look, and vice versa - quirky vintage pieces gives the home character which is often lost through purely modern furnishings.

The above 2 shots are from the home of artist Clare Baslar 
whose art work is very obviosuly inspired by nature, this love also comes through in her interior.  
She sets the modern Ikea bed frame and light fittings against a rustic canvas of bare wood floors and peeling paintwork accented with beautiful blooms and grasses.
See more from Clare's home studio here
Above  artist Aurelie Mathigot adds a quirky twist to a modern appliance by adding a patchwork cover to her Apple Mac! I love the idea of putting your computer to bed and tucking it in with a patchwork blanket! :) Other images from Aurelie's home throughout the book show her obvious passion for textiles and her flair for mixing old and new seamlessly.

 And finally another talented artist Nathalie Lete - (whose ceramics you can find in Anthropologie) has definitely not been bound with interior design rules when creating her home.... it is quirky, mismatched and fun - and she proves that its totally ok to mix florals with stripes and red with pink!

Get a further sneak preview of the book here  Or go straight to Amazon to get your copy!

PS - if you are a fan of photographer Debi Treloar who worked with Emily on this book, check out her new blog! Especially her post about photography with an iphone, proving you don't need to be a whizz with a camera to get lovely shots!

PPS - you can win a signed copy of the book donated by Emily in our raffle at our event at the Soho Secret Tearoom on the 16th June! All info here.  let me know if you'd like to come! 

(All pics ©Ryland Peters and Small)

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