Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where's the telly?!

Do you ever flick through interiors mags or books and think 'Where's the telly?' 
High tech modern tellys are not the most beautiful of objects but lets face we all have at least one! Or most people do anyway.  But we don't get that much inspiration on how to display them and incorporate them in to our interior. I struggled a little to find gorgeous pics online where the TV had been firstly, included, and secondly, looked good....
This very glamourous room above has discreetly mounted the TV on the wall, which looks very neat, but for some reason I'm not a fan of wall-mounted TVs and where is their digibox and DVD player?! 
Oh, and I should mention I've also got a thing against 'media units' - the obvious choice of furniture for your TV, but I can't bear them! Practical but dull!
So below are a few alternatives ideas ...

We've currently have our TV on Habitat's Kilo Table - but it bugs me that you can see all the cables and wires everywhere, so now that we have finished decorating the living room (yay! pics to come!) I am on the look out for something else for the TV that will hide the wires better.
 Something like this is cool, although same problems with wires....

Pedlars have some good options, although sadly well out of my price range...  starting at £1200.
 One of my favourite shops - The Old Cinema has some great vintage drawer units... starting from £245, more affordable!
 Ikea do the only 'media unit' that I may consider.... it has the gaps for the wires to feed through and your remote works through the glass for your DVD etc. £203.23
And finally I am loving this scrubbed pine cupboard from Rose and Grey... it would fit snugly in the space and has a cupboard door and a drawer to hid away DVDs remotes etc.

Am i over thinking this too much?! How do you display your telly?
Did you think about it this much? :)


  1. So true that you never see TVs in interior spreads, yet it had never 'clicked' with me before reading this. I have a horrible TV stand and I've yet to be fruitful in my quest to find something that isn't completely devoid of charm. Thanks for all the ideas, keep them coming!

  2. Ours is on a 60s wood record cabinet, works great as it hides the cables and there's lots of storage inside!

  3. I agonised over it, I don't like wall mounted either - it's not a painting! Also, why do people mount them so high on the wall? Do they not get sore necks? Nor am I keen on media units. I do have a low white Ikea unit which is Okish, not my dream but I have yet to see my dream...

    I just stumbled upon your blog and it's lovely, I am very much enjoying browsing through.

  4. I agree, modern technology just doesn't fit in with our quirky vintage interiors the only thing to do is hide them and there is the tricky part. I am really liking the metal drawers with the antlers above it would still have the problem of ugly tv and wires though....

  5. Like you said, they're essential, but won't necessarily fit a design scheme. I love pictures 2 and 3 in your alternative selections. I would much rather hang an amazing piece of art or a stunning feature mirror on my wall. Loving the cow hide too.


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