Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The White Living Room

You may know that we have been decorating our front room from which seems like the dawn of time! (I've mentioned it a few times on here!) After having the artex on the ceiling plastered over, we had some issues with the cornice, which resulted in some DIY surgery, then EVERYTHING needed sanded, and then of course about 3 coats of paint on everything too... it is finally finished, although I have decided to leave the floor as is (mainly because anything involving sandpaper might just tip me over the edge at this point! - maybe at a later date!)
I still have pretty much nothing back in the room yet, no pictures on the walls, and I'm still in search of certain items of furniture (see last post) but as some friends and readers have been asking here is a brief peek! mainly at the fireplace which I'm quite pleased with... :)

 Sea urchin shell came from Butlers Emporium in Hastings when I visited in March, jug on left is from TK Maxx and zinc bucket came from Kempton Market.

I agonised over painting the fireplace white for a while, I was slightly worried I might make a mess of it! But I am really pleased we did it now....
This is how it looked before.... oh and we removed those horrible wall lights which just left burn marks on the wall before!

Once I get the room sorted I will post more pics! 
What do you think?! 


  1. Love this - we did the same thing with our fireplace! I'd wanted to do it for years but couldn't get the courage to do it... so glad that we did it - it looks great now.


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