Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Extraordinary lighting!

If you are a dab hand with DIY and all things electrical (or have a nice man who is!) then take some inspiration from these upcycled lightshades I spotted on Boots N Gus's Etsy shop today... Or of course you could just buy one from them! although if you're UK based the shipping is pretty hefty....


 They've used various vintage items from glass vases to jugs, to pyrex bowls and mason jars, but you could use anything similar that you've got lying in a cupboard or picked up from the car boot sale...
But of course don't attempt anything like this unless you know what you are doing with lighting! Its not worth eletrocuting yourself in the name of vintage! :)
There is a little project on Design Sponge for creating the mason jar lighting - see instructions here


  1. Nice selection of lighting inspiration! I like the jug light. Nice for a country kitchen x

  2. woah! these are very neat!


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