Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Japanese Stationery

Anyone who says they don't love stationery is lying.  Who doesn't love raiding the stationery cupboard at work or writing with a brand new pen on a fresh notebook?! And if they still protest they're not that into stationery then they are obviously not looking at the right stationery! I am already a big fan of online shops such as the UK based Papermash, Australian Upon a Fold and American Rifle Paper Co. and today I stumbled upon Japanese shop Uguisu

 Gorgeous Japanese masking tapes, possibly the most stylish tape dispenser ever and the most beautiful dishcloths I have laid eyes on are among their wares....

 Luckily Uguisu ship worldwide... otherwise our photo albums and future gifts would be seriously deprived of being adorned with the loveliness!

Check out the rest of their fantastic range here


  1. Pretty! I have those little envelopes now, they are very cute!

  2. Oh these are all just so beautiful


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