Thursday, July 21, 2011

New home for the TV!

You may remember a recent post - 'Where's the Telly?' - where I stressed about my quest for a suitable piece of furniture for my TV? Well, I have finally found something to replace the Habitat Kilo table, and here it is!
I know one of my gripes was about hiding the wires, but to be honest, I seen this on ebay, I loved it, and it fitted the space, so I had to have it! and really when you are facing it straight on, the wheel kind of hides the wires... (a little!)

 It was described on Ebay as an Ex Eastern Block Army Cart.... I love the idea of something like this ending up in my living room in Surrey... much more interesting than a TV media unit that came from a John Lewis warehouse in Bracknell! :)  (although I do heart John Lewis!)

I'm very pleased with my purchase - even though it wasn't my biggest bargain to date, when I compare it to the high street shop options it really is a pretty good deal! x


  1. Very much love this. It really works in the space.

    What a find! I love eBay!

  2. THAT is ace. and it's Yellow (yellow is so good it gets a capital)! lovely!

  3. I've always wanted to find great buys like this on eBay. Congratulations on finding something personal and what a perfect fit.


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