Friday, August 12, 2011

Green Fingers...?

The last few weekends I've spent quite a lot of time sorting out our garden... I know its a little late in the year! But i thought better to do something than nothing! So with the help of my green-fingered Dad we went along and picked up some plants at the garden centre last week....

 I also planted some bulbs for spring, and we even planted a TREE!
this is a smoke tree, I'm so excited to watch it grow from a little tree into a big tree! :) 

I really hope I manage to keep on top of it this year, and keep everything alive... 
We also need to deal with some neighbours with japanese knotweed right next to our boundary... but thats another story.... 



  1. beautiful, beautiful photos, they look so pretty.

  2. At least you made it out there, well done you! Your cosmos are looking great. I've kind of given up on my poor neglected garden, the flower beds are so dry this year they are very sad looking. There's always next year :) Beth/The Linen Cat


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