Thursday, August 25, 2011

A weekend in Scotland

Apologies for lack of posts recently... I have a few projects going on at the minute that are taking up every moment that I am not working or sleeping, plus I have just been away for a little mini break in Glasgow to visit a friend who has just moved from London to Scotland to start a new life up there.  She's only been there a few months, and has only been in her new flat for a couple of weeks, but I thought I'd share a few snaps from her flat, as I was amazed at how homely she'd managed to make in such a short time and on such a small budget!

She is one thrifty lady, and most things in her flat she's picked up at car boot sales and markets (which we visited while I was there!) I love these cushions which a woman at the car boot sale had made herself to sell! beautiful!
Thanks for having me Nici, I had the best time! 


  1. Nici's clearly got an eye for design. I love that oriental tea caddy, the marmalade jar, the cushions from the car boot and that a disco ball in the kitchen?

  2. Love the photographs. Your friend has a lovely home.

  3. Ooo gorgeous home, I adore all the thrifty finds! They add such great character. I love a good car boot find :) Happy Bank Holiday x

  4. Its all in the detail - lovely - Louise

  5. Her flat looks incredible! I would love to live there! Beautiful stuff! xxx


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