Friday, September 2, 2011

A quick cuppa!

As I mentioned in my last post I am super busy at the moment, both my day job and other projects are crazy! I am excited to let you know a bit more about the things I've been working on hopefully this weekend! So keep an eye out!
In the meantime, just a quick post continued from the last one, from my lovely weekend in Glasgow.  Mainly because I had to mention the Hidden Lane Tearoom we visited just before I got my train back to London (literally accompanied by my suitcase and a bag FULL of car boot buys!) The tearoom is literally about 1 min from my friends lovely flat. and we were in there as soon as it opened so were the only customers, so we got to have a good nosy around! and take a few pics.....

 Very nice it was too!
Check out their blog here.


  1. Totally loving those colourful chairs and the cafe looks beautiful. What a cute little place. Ooo & I've just voted your website as Entrant of the Year! Your new stock is amazing. Good luck & all the best x

  2. I was wondering how your weekend in Glasgow had gone so it's nice to read a bit about it here! The Hidden Lane tearoom is lovely, isn't it! We had a great afternoon tea there not long ago! Yummy!!!


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