Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Munckin Halloween!

I'm not really big into Halloween, not sure why, maybe if we got time off work it would be more appealing?! ;)
Also, its my other half's birthday the next day, so I'm normally concentrating on planning for that....
The other day though, while browsing in Waitrose, I spotted these - mini pumpkins or Munckins as they called them! Now, maybe I am just late to the (halloween) party on this one, but I have never seen these before!!
Anyway, it inspired me to check out Pinterest for any mini pumpkin decorating ideas....





If you can't be bothered to get crafty, then you can always just draw a cute face on your munckin! Love it!

via We Heart it

Happy Halloween! 


  1. I've used munchkins for Halloween once before - they are super cute. Especially love them for table decoration!


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