Monday, October 10, 2011

Turning 30

Goodness! I can't believe my last blog post was last month! I'm so sorry! Life has become pretty much consumed by 91 Magazine which I am loving putting together and I really hope you will love it too when I launch it later this month!
The other thing which I've been busy with, is Turning 30. It does feel like a little bit of a milestone, and when I think back to my last 'big birthday' at 21, things have moved on a lot! Firstly I got together with the love of my life just a month after my 21st, and since then he has supported me, shared the good times & bad, and put up with my crazy interior design projects since we bought our first home together! I also got a degree, worked in NY, got my dream job back in London as a picture editor, realised I needed more creativity in my life, so started blogging, set up an online business, bought a house and got a cat! :)Its been a busy 9 years!

So the other half kicked off the birthday celebrations with some amazing pancakes, cards and presents....
and then there was the cake - a masterpiece I think you'll agree!?
Then off we set for the beautiful town of Lavenham in Suffolk, to spoil ourselves with afternoon tea, champagne and some AMAZING food at The Swan hotel...
Lavenham is gorgeous, literally like stepping back in time...

Next morning, we headed east, stopping off at the fantastic Snape Maltings - well worth a visit if you are in the area..... it includes a huge shop full of homeware goodness, an antique shop, a gallery, pub, and much more.... I could have stayed there longer rummaging, but we had to push on...
When we arrived in Southwold, our first stop was Tillys tearoom..... for afternoon tea and the first glass of fizz for the day!
Back at our room in the lovely Sutherland House with another sneaky bottle of cava! and there it was...
the bathroom bigger than our living room! and that bath!! I've never actually sipped cava while lying in a huge bath before, but I guess your 30th is a good time to start! ;)
All followed by another lovely dinner in the hotel restaurant.... Our last morning was spent walking on the beach, buying fudge and other treats to bring home, oh and I squeezed in at least 2 more antique shops....!
 An amazing trip with an amazing boyfriend! Turning 30 is actually quite good after all!


  1. Happy Birthday.
    Turning 30 is a distant memory for me now!

  2. Oh my, you certainly celebrated in style! Pancakes, and epic cake, cream teas, lovely old buildings, enormous baths - this is what life is made for!

  3. Happy belated birthday. Yes that cake is a master piece. All that talk of fudge is making me hungry!

  4. Lovely Images and I hope by the time I turn 30 I can achieve as much as you have!
    Also, do you mind me asking where you live, I don't live so far away from Lavenham and love it there - it is beautiful. x

  5. hi Laura - thank you! Sadly I don't live near Lavenham myself... wish I did! I live in SW London. You're lucky to have such pretty towns on your doorstep! x

  6. wow! if only i could find myself a boyfriend as amazing as yours - i can only dream of being treated as much like a princess as you were! i turned 29 today, so perhaps the man of my dreams will come along before i am 30..... x

  7. I just discovered your blog and lovely magazine. I loved your images of Suffolk, I live very close to Lavenham, it is one of my favourite places, perfect for coffee and a rummage in Timbers.

  8. congs that having this amazing blog!
    adorable photos and inspirations...
    beatiful handmades...


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