Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever!

Wow, it really is reaching a crescendo isn't it?! People have been camping outside Westminster Abbey for days, Sainsbury's has sold over 195 miles of bunting and it seems its all people are talking about!


I hope the day all goes to plan for them, and I hope you all have a fun day whether you are going to a street party, having your own soiree or hiding away from it all!  

 oh, and don't forget you still have time to make some mini bunting and flags with my little template!!
See info for making here - its really easy! :)
I'd love to see what you do with it, so send me a photo (
Have fun! 

Wedding pics from Once Wed

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ice Cream & Antiques in Rye

Well! what a fantastic Easter weekend we just had! The perfect opportunity for a little day trip... On Saturday we jumped in the car and toodled down to Rye, in East Sussex.  First stop was for some ice cream, and then a wander round the lovely cobbled streets.  There was wisteria in full bloom on every corner, quirky galleries, and an abundance of tea shops!


One of my fave parts of the day was of course rummaging in the antique shops! There are quite a few perfectly grouped together along Strand Quay so you can just duck in and out....
For lovers of kitchenalia, Country Ways (below) will literally make your heart race! Full of enamelware, glassware, kitchen utensils and so much more, I wanted everything so much to the point that I bought nothing, as I could never have chosen! I wish I could just pop back in there now and make a decision!
 A lovely day which we rounded off with eating our picnic by the church, buying some fudge and then popping over to Winchelsea beach for a peek at the sea!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt!

Happy Easter everyone! We couldn't have wished for better weather in the UK to have a 4 day weekend! I even enjoyed the thunderstorm we had yesterday evening! ;) 

This morning is another glorious one, and so far I have eaten mini eggs for breakfast and been hunting down some other chocolate treats! Every year since we've lived together, the other half does a little Easter egg hunt for me around the house (yes - I am nearly 30 but I still love it!)

Right - now I've found them all, I'm off to stuff my face! :) 
Have a lovely weekend! xxx

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Livening up the garden

The weather in the UK really has been amazing the last few days, and is set to last into the Easter weekend! hurray! I've been sitting out in the garden, thinking firstly, how bad I am at gardening, and secondly how uncomfortable it is perching on our current metal chairs! (Thats not my garden above by the way! I wish! Its a lovely shot from Graham & Green!) So I'm thinking maybe I should go for some garden furniture and accessories to liven things up this year, rather than wasting my time with planting stuff!!
I'd love a hammock if I had somewhere to hang one! They really are comfy! The above one from the Conran Shop would certainly inject some colour! And how cute is the hanging seat (also Conran) although I'd need a pretty sturdy established tree for that I imagine! A colourful deckchair may have to be my version of a hammock for now.....  
Turquoise table and chair from Habitat
But if you after a bit more of a neutral vibe, (maybe you are better at the plants and adding colour that way than me!!) these lovely accessories caught my eye....

Enjoy the weather!! 

PS If you fancy that hammock - Conran Shop are running a competition on Facebook to win £150 of vouchers - check it out here.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A new candlestick

Today I have mostly been marvelling at the heat outside and the beautiful sunshine, and eating cheese and crackers in my garden.  I did manage to pull myself away for a few hours to take some pictures of a lovely new product thats just arrived in the boutique! A hand carved mango wood candlestick which is made in Northern India.  It is part of a fairtrade project, and the group have benefited from a clean water project in the community.  They really are lovely and chunky and sturdy, and I think will look great on a mantlepiece or dining table! :)  I got a little bit snap happy when shooting it, so made a little mosaic!
In other news, if you fancy a 25% off discount code for the shop, please spare a quick 5mins to answer 10 easy peasy questions! I'd love to know more about what you think of my shop/blog! Click here to take part!

New Inspiration

Sometimes when I should be doing work, I think I'll just have a quick peek at a few blogs, and before you know it I'm caught up in the forever-linking world and hours have gone by! The breadth of talent and of inspiring reads is overwhelming... I thought I would share a fwe of the blogs I have connected with this week - some are well known, so may not be news to you, but this is just what I'm being drawn to at the moment!

Katie is an artist, print maker & textile designer, and she likes lots of things I like - cats, old things, flowers, interior decoration, cycling,  to name a few.

A popular blog from Belgium written by stylist Yvonne.  
A fellow cat owner, with a gorgeous home.

Stephanie is a lifestyle and food blogger,
who has a gorgeous property in France you can rent out.

A colourful and crafty blog by the very talented Leslie Shewring.

Gorgeous food and photography blog by Aran, 
a food writer and photographer funnily enough!
Simply beautiful.
A interior decoration blog from the island of Jersey.

A South African blog on fashion, decor, weddings 
and great tips if you're planning a trip to Cape Town!

Hope you enjoy these as much as me!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Flowers in the home

I can't believe its been another week that has went by since I last blogged! So sorry, I guess its been another one of those weeks! I attended a lovely event last Wednesday at one of my favourite shops in London - Liberty
Holly Becker was launching her new book Decorate - which I reviewed a few weeks ago Myself and some fellows bloggers had a bit of a Q&A with Holly, and then we went over to the new Dining Room area for a styling demo with Holly, Sania Pell & Leslie Shewring

One of my favourite things about the table they'd styled was how the flowers were displayed.  So simple to stack some vintage books to elevate the arrangements, and then just adding single blooms to interesting containers.  They've used the Astier de Villante ceramic tin cans, but you could always spray paint some actual tin cans white for the same effect as Leslie pointed out! :) 
You can check out a video about the book & the event here
To me, flowers are an essential part of any interior, and I think sometimes people think you have to spend a lot of money on flowers, but I have to say I only buy flowers when I see the 'reduced' stickers on them in Waitrose! Usually there is only 1 flower thats looking a bit sad, and the rest are perfect!
And sometimes they can be as little as 10p! 

 Or if you are lucky enough to have flowers in your own garden, just pick a couple of roses or peonies, and pop them in a bowl like Selina Lake has done above, again simple but beautiful! 
And if you're feeling a bit more extravagant just fill a bucket with flowers....

 If, like me, you are more a budget flower kinda girl, then all you need is a few stems, and an interesting vase or milk bottle, and your room is instantly lifted!

As we are still in the throes of decorating our front room, I have actually made a pact to myself to NOT buy any flowers until the house is all back to normal, so then perhaps I might treat myself to something a little more special! not from the bargain bucket that is! Or maybe even from one of these lovely flowers shops....

pics by: Me, Scarlet & Violet  Selina Lake 
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