Thursday, August 25, 2011

A weekend in Scotland

Apologies for lack of posts recently... I have a few projects going on at the minute that are taking up every moment that I am not working or sleeping, plus I have just been away for a little mini break in Glasgow to visit a friend who has just moved from London to Scotland to start a new life up there.  She's only been there a few months, and has only been in her new flat for a couple of weeks, but I thought I'd share a few snaps from her flat, as I was amazed at how homely she'd managed to make in such a short time and on such a small budget!

She is one thrifty lady, and most things in her flat she's picked up at car boot sales and markets (which we visited while I was there!) I love these cushions which a woman at the car boot sale had made herself to sell! beautiful!
Thanks for having me Nici, I had the best time! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Feature walls & windows

The trend for feature walls does not seem to be going away, there just seems to be even better designs and ideas coming onto the market... like these self adhesive wall coverings from Purldeco... no paste is needed and they are easily removable! They are made to order to your specifications too, so no wastage...
I  love stamps and old postcards so these designs are right up my street, perfect for a downstairs loo I think! Oh and how amazing is this stained glass window film?! Again it is ordered to your measurements, so easier to apply than rolls of window film and looks fantastic... I just need a beautiful old glass house like this one to put it in!

Rugs at Urban Outffiters

How was your weekend?! We were living the frugal life this weekend - yesterday we made an apple and blackberry pie with fruit from the other half's dad's garden, and we also had chicken with roasted courgette which came from a friends allotment! Both very delicious! We also used a Groupon offer to go for a lovely Italian meal in Ealing on Saturday night.... which in total, cost us about £16 for a 2 course meal and glass of wine! bargain!!

Anyway, last week I was having a little browse on the Urban Outfitters website - I always used to think their homewares range was a bit of an after thought and often a bit 'novelty' but i was pleasantly surprised to see some nice things on their site, particularly textiles and rugs....

 Check out their bedding and pretty floral lighting too.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Green Fingers...?

The last few weekends I've spent quite a lot of time sorting out our garden... I know its a little late in the year! But i thought better to do something than nothing! So with the help of my green-fingered Dad we went along and picked up some plants at the garden centre last week....

 I also planted some bulbs for spring, and we even planted a TREE!
this is a smoke tree, I'm so excited to watch it grow from a little tree into a big tree! :) 

I really hope I manage to keep on top of it this year, and keep everything alive... 
We also need to deal with some neighbours with japanese knotweed right next to our boundary... but thats another story.... 


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mismatched Bedding

Even though at the moment I have all white bedding in my own bedroom, I have developed a thing for mismatched bedding... never happy eh?! :) 
I think it is designers like Lulu and Nat that make me lust over this relaxed, nearly thrown together but pretty look...
Also easy to do by gathering vintage pillowcases in different patterns and maybe a vintage embroidered quilt, or patchwork quilt. 
I also love these pillowcases from Plum Pretty Sugar...

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It is impossible to ignore the scenes that have occurred in London and other cities around the UK in the last few days - particularly last night... there are no words to explain how saddened I think we all feel to see a portion of our youth reap havoc and literally make us cower in our own homes. The fact there is such a huge lack of respect and no fear of punishment that is scary.  Lets hope that the police can take control of the current situation and going forward there will be a long term solution to saving these anarchic youths. Stay safe x
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