Tuesday, January 31, 2012

91 Magazine - Issue 2

Well, so far this January I have managed to break one of my New Years resolutions, which was to blog more! I really miss blogging, but with all my other hair-brained ideas, its getting a little waylaid! I promise to do better! Basically January has been taken up mainly with preparing the 2nd issue of 91 Magazine! I haven't just been sitting on the sofa eating chocolate! So I hope it will make up for the lack of blog posts, as it is packed full with beautiful things!
From a beautiful Etsy shop selling vintage French homewares, to a feature on four London tearooms and their interiors, a look inside the Cole and Son wallpaper factory, some gorgeous Easter craft ideas, to the lovely homes of Kate Jenkins and Tif Fussell.  I hope you will find lots to feast your eyes on!
 There's 78 pages, so dive in! And do let me know which are you fave features! 


  1. Congrats on your 2nd issue! Just had a quick peak and can't wait to sit and properly dive in with a good cuppa, the interview with Tiff Fussel looks great...well done x

  2. Great work! I love it! Photos, layouts, fonts... but the most:
    I absolutely love Jane Cumberbatch's style and I'm so happy having possiblity to read her Style Notes and look at her beautiful house
    and visit in Dottie Angel's World is great pleasure of course!


  3. Oooh looks gorgeous!! I'm saving it for next week as I have a few days off work – and going to treat myself to reading books, hot chocolate and 91 mag! :)

  4. Oh Caroline, it is so lovely! I am also saving it - I have a long weekend of nothing much this weekend - but I had a peak and I am excited!

    Thank you!!

  5. Your current issue is a perfect "excuse" for having blogged few. Love it. Great content. Just went to London and want to go already back to have a Soyccino at the Café Vintage. Looking forward already to the next issue!

  6. Well done on the second issue, I have enjoyed very much reading the tea places, Brixton, and Dottie Angle home tour articles. Have fun in your Asian adventure, for how long are you going? So exciting!!


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