Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Like it Here: NEW online shop

I have mentioned before that I am a bit of an enamelware addict - especially when it comes to pastel coloured enamelware! So these lovely images from new online shop I Like it Here had me swooning....

Check out the full range on this new website here These are a few of my other favourite picks:
Georgetown Blanket - £238
Amherst Tea Towel - £14
Green Stag range - from £14


  1. Such delicious pictures!
    I love that kind of enamel ware too...I have a small milk pan and a colander from that range.....Reiss do the sweetest kitchen stuff!


  2. This is a great range of stuff. So simple but really pretty and perfect in a feminine kitchen. Great find!

  3. i am a bit of an enamelware fan myself. the photography of these is just lovely too.

  4. Hallo! I'm new here.... your blog is... lovely WOW!!!! You have a new fan! ♥
    take care, have a nice day,


  5. Lovely things. Enamelware is beautiful. I love the classic in white with a blue rim. But these pastels are gorgeous as well


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