Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thrifty wall art idea

I love old educational posters, you know the science and geography type? diagrams of a human eye, a map of the world or breeds of butterflies?  In fact, I've blogged about this a few times before, in August 2010 and in December 2009.
 A trend that is not wearing off, for me anyway! But with their popularity comes a price, and I've seen them at Kempton market for £75 plus.  I actually picked up some with varieties of birds from Kempton a while ago, which i love.  I think I paid about £15 each for them, not too bad, but then framing them wasn't cheap as they are huge.

  If you like the idea, but don't want to spend much then you can get a similar effect with this wrapping paper that Rockett St George are stocking.... They are only £3 a sheet, so with a simple ikea frame, you've got a lovely wall display on a budget! hurrah!


  1. Hi, oh no, this post is going to cost me sooo much money, just had a quick look at their website, lovely stuff!!!! xxx

  2. I really WANT to love this kind of thing but I must admit, I find it a little creepy :-S I'm not sure why? Totally irrational of course! I think I prefer pretty things - the cake one I could live with :)

  3. I have some hysterical Indian biology posters from Tokyo..strange (very cheap). They are so expensive now. I love the first image. Catching up on blog stop 91 Magazine x

  4. This map is very old.Iam from You know where it is..?:-(

  5. Love all the prints! I've used map wrapping paper to achieve a similar effect. Loving your blog!


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