Saturday, March 24, 2012

3 countries, 1 wedding and a proposal

I'm back! Well I've been back a week, but its taken some time to recover from the jetlag, and get used to working again! I just spent 5 weeks in SE Asia, travelling around Vietnam & Cambodia, both amazing countries, I'd highly recommend visiting...

After a packed 2.5 weeks of sightseeing and exploring with my friend, I met up with my boyfriend and some other friends in Bangkok, and travelled down to Koh Samui, as some friends of ours were getting married there. What a fantastic place to get married! It really was a lovely day....
So after a week of fun in Koh Samui, the other half and I headed for Koh Tao, the more chilled of the islands in that area, and relax we did! We stayed at the Sensi Paradise Resort which was fantastic, and while we were there, we got engaged!! yay!I couldn't think of a more romantic place to get engaged, it was so beautiful....

 So there you have it, it was fantastic, and well, I can't say I'm glad to be back, I could have stayed another 2 months! :) But its back to reality now, and I will try to resume normal blogging asap! I'll try not to bore you with too many wedding related posts! xxx


  1. Good to have you back (and congrats on the fab news). I came across your 91 magazine while you were away and loved it. When will we be seeing more of this please?

  2. thanks so much! I'm working on the next issue as we speak and hope to publish in June. :)

  3. I'm so happy about your news! And a very romantic thing, for your fiance to propose while on holiday. The wedding you went to looks beautiful. The sequins on that dress! Good to have you back. xx

  4. Congratulations on the engagement! Traveling is one of the best thigns we human can do. I have taken off myself twice, once to Thailand and then to Brazil and I dream with my next trip, perhaps to India or Argentina. Welcome back to London and real life, I hope you are not too shot by it. Marga

  5. Congratulations! I Absolutely LOVE Thailand; I studied abroad in Chiang Mai my junior year in college and spent my spring break on Koh Samui. Absolutely beautiful! My roommate got engaged at Koh Tao, too :)


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