Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Current obsession... Coral


Not as in the stuff in the sea, as in the colour! ;) There's lots of coral shades around in the shops at the moment, and every item of clothing I've been buying seems to be in this colour! But can it work in your home? Personally I feel it works best as an accent, against a light bright room....  
Check out Etsy for some lovely accessories to add a pop of coral to your home.


  1. Big love for the coral crochet rug!

  2. Coral is not a colour I thought I was that keen on but with these beautiful pics I've changed my mind!
    Congratulations on your engagement X

  3. Love Love Love coral. Second Mrs M's comment about the crochet rug. I can't get enough of the colour! Congrats on your engagement ... coral bridesmaids dresses perhaps? or is that too far? ;)


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