Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flea Market Chic

If you're a regular reader you'll probably know that I like to do things on a budget! So I am always going to be chuffed when a book with the tag line 'the thrifty way to create a stylish home' lands on my doorstep! 
 Flea Market Chic is the latest book from Liz Bauwens & Alexandra Campbell, and is stuffed full of beautiful homes photographed by Simon Brown.  The book looks at how to style for a town, country or modern home using flea market finds, and proves that buying second hand can really fit into any interior, adding character and quirkiness.
 Full of inspiring images, the book shows how a few thrifty finds can add interest to a quiet corner, such as below, or how you can start collections of things such as coffee pots, plates or even dried sunflowers heads (!), see last pic, to create displays around the home.
Another lovely book for my coffee table, that I literally wish I could step into and live in! At least it will inspire you to drag yourself out of bed this weekend, and hit the markets and car boots, I know thats where I'll be! :)

Buy Flea Market Chic on Amazon : Published by Cico Books

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  1. It is classic ! It is looking so beautiful and stylish home. Your coffee table is awesome. Thanks for inform us about this book by with we can create a stylish home.



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