Monday, April 30, 2012

Important Announcement

So today we have some news.... as I mentioned before I've been planning some changes for Patchwork Harmony.  After a lot of deliberation, I have decided it is time to make some big decisions.  As many of you know I recently launched 91 Magazine, I also run the boutique and blog, all on top of having a full time job. I really love what I do with all of these ventures, but I’ve realised its all become a bit too much work.  So, with a heavy heart, I’ve made the decision to bring trading to an end on the Patchwork Harmony boutique website.
Over the last 3 years I’ve learnt so much about running a business, and I hope you have enjoyed shopping with us! However its become clear that I simple do not have the time to make the boutique
as wonderful as I would like.
Thank you for all your custom, support and encouragement over the past 3 years - Its been immense!  BUT, don’t worry, we are not disappearing... Firstly, the good news! We are going to be having a huge....

With lots of stock to sell, there are great reductions on ALL products, with some items having 60% off! So come and have a look and get a bargain or two. The prices really are rock bottom....

The Future.... 

So, as I say Patchwork Harmony is not disappearing... We will still be sharing inspiration on our blog, which you may have noticed has just had a lovely new redesign.  We hope you like the fresh new look! We have also added a Directory, which listed all our favourite shops, designers/makers and
much more. So check it out, for some other lovely shops to buy beautiful things from. I plan to focus a bit more on the blog over the coming year.  And of course I will turn my attention even more to 91 Magazine. We’ve had a fantastic response since we launched in October 2011, the next issue is coming in June, so I hope to develop the magazine, and hope you will continue to follow it.
The Patchwork Harmony website will continue, firstly as we sell off existing stock, and then will become a hub for our blog, magazine, and other things to inspire.  So please keep us bookmarked!
So, there you have it... thanks again for all your support, we hope you will continue to follow Patchwork Harmony through our blog and magazine, and of course make sure to bag yourself a bargain before the boutique closes.... and I never say never, so maybe one day you will find me selling my wares again soon! 
Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter - @patchworkhrmy and @91magazine  Get updates via our Facebook page Follow us on Pinterest - patchworkhrmy  and Instagram - patchworkhrmy

Love, Caroline xxx


  1. The end of something is always the beginning of something else - must have been such a hard decision for you as you have no doubt poured your heart and soul into the company, but think you are completely right to concentrate your precious time & energies on your fab mag, really looking forward to the next issue of 91. Julia x

  2. I've just discovered your beautiful magazine - I love it! I can see why you plan to focus on that, it must be a very exciting time.


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