Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where to Stay: The Hope Mousehole

We all strive to have the 'perfect' home, but with the pressures of modern life, work, family etc, the pictures we see in magazines are rarely the reality in most of our lives.  But every now and then we can escape from the rat race to take a little break away from home and relax.  More and more of us are choosing to holiday in our own country, so while we waive the flight costs, that extra cash can go towards that extra bit of luxury.
I plan to feature some of the boutique hotels, B&Bs and cottages that have gone that extra little bit in terms of their interior... and to start with might just be the most perfect of houses I have ever seen.  You may have already seen this in this month's Living Etc magazine.  I, for one, literally found my heart pounding as I turned the pages of this beautiful house which is based in Cornwall, owned by photographer Paul Massey.  If only I could step into this image, curl up on that chair and gaze out the window to what I can only imagine to be a beautiful view...


Styled in what seems to be Paul's signature look - going by his previous home which was the location for the BBC cookery programme - "The Delicious Miss Dahl" - you can in see my previous post here  - the pale hues and distressed white wood is what one can only dream of living in on a daily basis. 
I'm sure if I was to stay here I would not want to leave the house, even with the beautiful surroundings of the Cornish coast! 
Unfortunately for me, the dream of living here even for a couple of days, was quashed when I saw the rental rates for a week - £2500.  yes indeed. But hey, perhaps I'll start saving for my 40th birthday weekend! (in 10 years time!)
If unlike me, you aren't saving for a wedding & a new kitchen, and can spare a couple of grand, you can check out availability at The Hope Mousehole on their website:


  1. Wow,

    That kitchen is my all time fav kitchen. I only blogged about it the other day. Well I think it was this one. I think Cox And Cox may have done a shoot there too.

    Lovely blog by the way


  2. Absolutely stunning! I love the coolness of the white/grey colourscheme. Something humblingly simple about it! Lovely!


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