Thursday, May 24, 2012

Engagement Tea Party

If you follow me on Instagram (patchworkhrmy - come join!) you may have already seen some of these little snaps.  Last weekend, me and my fiancĂ© (still feels a little weird to say that!) were over staying with my folks in N. Ireland, and they threw us a little engagement party! The theme, of course, was Vintage Tea Party...

my mum's preparation for this was pretty extensive, collecting china, cakestands, jam jars, doilies and decorations  - and the baking! Wow- the baking! I think there may have been enough cake to fill an olympic swimming pool!

and then there was the gigantic cupcake! oh yes! pretty spectacular!

We had a lovely day with family & friends, and decided my mum definitely missed her calling - she shoulda run a tearoom! :) thanks M & D! xx


  1. This looks fantastic! Right up my alley. Congratulations on your engagement :-)

  2. wonderfully creative and a gift to treasure.. ahhh creativity !

  3. Wow you must have felt so special. What a lovely way to celebrate. Life is always best with tea and cake.

  4. Beautiful, thanks for sharing.


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