Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seventy Tree

Yesterday we had a short respite from all this rain, but this morning I woke to hear the cars  swooshing through the puddles outside, and my heart sank.  I know its good for our drought situation, but it is not good for my 'soggy socks at work' all day situation! Anyway, while thinking of the rain, it reminded me of Kerry Layton's lovely big drop illustration.  I popped over to her website, and was instantly cheered.  Her pretty prints, postcards and patterned tape brightened my morning. 
I love Kerry's work - she also did some lovely drawings for the last issue of 91 Magazine
Pop over to Kerry's shop Seventy Tree to see more.  She has a lovely blog too.

PS } thank you for all your lovely messages yesterday regarding the closure of Patchwork Harmony.  I am selling out of lots of things pretty quickly, so make sure you pop over and have a peek at our closure clearance sale.

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