Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where to Stay: La Petite Bastide, Provence

Still on the French theme, if you fancy a little break to Provence, just imagine staying in this beautiful serene home called La Petite Bastide (translates as the small country house) 
The owners have decorated it with a real sense of calm, using only natural materials such as concrete, wood and linen.  And the little touches they've added such as flowers, candles and chandeliers give that homely feel...

I love the little details like the carving on this step....

With 5 bedrooms, you could share this with friends, and would also be lovely in winter as they have under floor heating and a big open fire.

No red wine on those sofas me thinks....!


LOVE this concrete sink....


and for the summer months, how could you resist this gorgeous pool and that view over the countryside!? 

its pricey enough in high season at just under £3000 for a week, but if you had 3 couples going it doesn't seem so bad... and low season is more reasonable at £1000 for the week.  

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  1. Beautiful - I love the detailing on the staris

  2. I have stayed here on holiday and enjoyed a wonderful meal outside with the owners. Their smaller 'cabanon' adjacent to the Petite Bastide is one of my all-time favourite holiday homes, my children learned to swim there and although it's only 1 1/2 hr from home, it feels as if I'm in paradise!

  3. What a beautiful place. Definitely going on my list of places to visit once I have a job again.


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