Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Current Obsession - Typewriters

I've always liked the idea of owning a typewriter, but I guess always dismissed it asking myself - when would I use it? where would I put it? And generally when you look at ones for sale online they are not exactly cheap. But then, on Sunday morning, I was cruising my local car boot sale, which was initially more disappointing than usual, when I spotted a glint of beautiful jade green, right there on the ground next to some rusting old garden tools.  My initial response when I spot something like this that makes your heart race is to look up and check out the seller - are they a savvy trader who buys and sells for a living, or is it someone clearing out their granny's attic? In this case, I wasn't sure, they had a white van rather than a 'car boot' which said trader to me....and this typewriter was in pristine condition and accompanied by its original old carry case.  I thought there's no harm in asking a price, expecting a quote of at least £25 or above.  Well, miracles clearly do happen - for what I was told was a hopeful (on his part) £5! Inside I was whooping, on the outside, I was frowning, looking unsure as to whether this was a reasonable price.  After a few moments of deliberation, I asked if he'd take £3.50 for it, and amazingly he was more than happy. Through all this, it didn't cross my mind once - when will I use this? where will I put it? - It was just too pretty and WAY too much of a bargain to turn down! So here it is, I am now a proud owner of this lovely green typewriter!

A few people have asked me if I'll use it for our wedding, as there is a trend for using them to get your guests to write special messages for you on them.  If I'm honest, probably not, I can't imagine any of our guests sitting for half an hour trying to type when there is dancing to be done! It is pretty labourious typing on a typewriter! Although I have spotted some lovely pics of how people have used a typewriter at their wedding....

I imagine I will just enjoy looking at her and owning her, and occassionally using it for a craft project perhaps.... I just need to find out where to get a replacement ribbon first!
If you have an interest in typewriters, make sure to check out the article we ran in the current issue of 91 Magazine which looks at the history of typewriters, their popularity and how people are trying to incorporate then into 21st century technology. Read it here on Page 35.



  1. Lovely pictures and blog ,found you through twitter ,love all the old things ,me and my daughter bought a typewriter from a car boot ,excitedly got it home {weighed a ton )only to realise mmmm no ink ribbon but still admired by us but not used as yet !!

  2. Omg what a find, bootiful. You lucky thing!

  3. I bought a divine blue one at the car boot a few weeks back, £2. How could I leave it there?! Love your greeny one.

  4. Hi,, JUST LOVE THIS!!
    Beautiful photos and styling

  5. Stunning, what a wonderful find! My heart started beating a little faster on your behalf as I imagined you asking the price and waiting with bated breath...

    I have an old mint green typewriter that used to belong to my gran (fab condition and including case), which I currently don't have any space for, so it's living in the attic at the moment. But as soon as I move into a house, it's going on display. In fact... to heck with it, I may just have to dig it out and find some space now. It's too pretty to be stuck in a loft!

  6. OOh I love typewriters. I have just found a lovely blue one :)

  7. Lovely! It's great how simple things like these can add character to a room.

  8. I think the same way as you once did. But if I were to own a green typewriter like this, I would just want it. Typewriters are just an amazing invention and I would love one. I would definitely try to find a replacement ribbon too. Good luck on the search, I think you made an excellent decision in buying this. So lucky!!! >.<


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