Friday, August 10, 2012

Small garden style

Since we bought our house back into 2009, I've been trying my best to get to grips with gardening. It really is a fine art that needs time and dedication, and I must admit many plants have perished at my hands... And now we have the added issue of a neighbour with Japanese Knotweed. If you don't know what this is, it is basically a hugely invasive weed that can damage concrete, underground pipes and even house foundations. Many mortgage companies are refusing mortgages due to its presence in a properties garden. We are currently trying to deal with the problem so I will save a blog post on this for another time, as I feel I know so much about it now I should share it! But for now, I am just trying to make the best of our small patch of garden, and have been browsing the House to Home website for inspiration...

 With a small space, pots are great, and I love some of these as they give the garden a bit more of an interesting vintage feel.  And the old stepladders are great for displaying plants on different levels.

We are promised some good weather this weekend, so how romantic to hang a large piece of fabric and hang it over a picnic rug! And perfect for a little snooze under too!

I've also been planning to paint our shed since we moved in.... one of those jobs that I've yet to get round to! but this pic is inspiring me to get out the brush!!

And if you don't have much space, perhaps even just a small balcony, you can always just have a cute little bistro table, with added vintage accessories!

All pics via House to Home


  1. Love all the images you've shared today. Really inspiring. We moved into our house last year and although we've made a little progress in the garden it is still quite a mess. We've been concentrating on getting the inside done and as I'm pregnant at the moment I'm frustrated that I can't do more in the garden. I'm really hoping to get it prettier next year. I sympathise about the knotweed. We don't have that but we do have bind weed which is also a nightmare. Grows so fast and winds it way around everything. I think it will take us a number of years to rid the garden of it for good. Good luck with taming your garden. Fiona x

  2. What wonderful ideas! And all totally doable with not too much gardening skill or space. Fabulous. Now if only I had a garden...

  3. Great ideas, very handy as we're just redoing our small garden too. Any hints on where to pink up some enamel buckets like those to use as pots?

  4. lovely ideas - we have filled our front space with little pots *but* beware of slugs - they seem to be eating all my vegetable pots. apparently layering pots with egg shells is the way to stop them, but i haven't got round to repotting them all. Also - basic, but i spotted that homebase do really cheap enamel buckets and watering cans far cheaper than in vintage shops too.


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