Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Light filled Brooklyn Apartment

Why can't all Real Estate developers be like the Brooklyn Home Company? I recently came across them when working on something for my day job, and loved how they are creating truly stunning homes, rather than just the bland boring units that we see from many developers these days.

This particular home in their portfolio makes me just want to up-sticks and move to Brooklyn! Huge windows flood the space with light, and the white floors and walls give it that added airiness. But then touches of natural wood, leather chairs and earthy fabrics create homeliness and comfort.

I could definitely see myself swanning around in some cashmere lounge-wear in this place! couldn't you?!

All photos by Emily Gilbert


  1. All of the images are absolutely fabulous in the post. I can see here some of well decorate accommodation. I think this kind of apartment are really great for vacation.

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  2. What a beautiful space, loving the cute little dog too!x

  3. I'd give up my whole flat just for that kitchen/dining area. It's spectacular!


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