Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Magazine launch - The Simple Things

I admit it - I am a total magazine addict - guess that's the reason I started up my own!
And one of my favourite things about going on holiday is going to the airport and stocking up on a pile of mags, and not feeling bad about how much I spend, as its holiday, and I need them. While my own magazine in currently online only, I do still have a love for print magazines.  Both mediums have their advantages and I personally think they can work alongside each other rather than competing. One my fave print mags of recent times has got to be Mollie Makes - full of crafty people and ideas, so right up my street.  So I was excited to see a brand new launch from the same team who produce this - a magazine championing the simple things in life, and simply called: The Simple Things.

The magazine promises to be filled with things that will make you feel good about life. From cooking a delicious meal with friends to some quiet time to yourself knitting a tea cosy to growing your own veg. I think it is a great concept for a magazine in these times we live in. Helping us to remember what is important and what makes us happy in life, and that it is those little things that make you feel warm inside, rather than owning the latest designer shoes or celebrity perfume.
I, for one, will be rushing to the shops on the 6th Sept to pick up their first issue, and if you're thinking the same, make sure to enter their competition to win a years subscription via their facebook page.

if you've already subscribed and have received your first issue I'd love to hear what you think! xxx



  1. I'm quite smitten...I do believe that for me Country Living may have some competition...rx

  2. I subscribed to 3 issues for £1 at the Festival of Quilts and the mag arrived yesterday. I'm a tad underwhelmed, it's not pretty enough for me with not enough interiors content. It also peeves me when mags publish items which have already appeared elsewhere, ie. the crocheted cosies feature from Susan Cropper's book. The book is probably 5 years old and I think for £4.99 one can expect fresh content in the magazine. It's a growing trend in magazines to do this, I'm finding. I don't doubt some folks will love it though, this is just my view and also, the magazine is only on issue one so I shall see what emerges...


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