Monday, September 10, 2012

New website is live!

If you are a regular reader you will have heard about my decision earlier this year to close my online shop.  The launch of 91 Magazine plus various other personal commitments (getting married for one!) has taken over a little bit, and I felt I could no longer dedicate the time that was needed to the shop.  Also I wanted to focus my energies on the magazine and on this blog too which was getting severely neglected!

So, today is the day I finally say goodbye to the online shop, and while I am a little sad, I am also excited about the next chapter for Patchwork Harmony! I am proud to unveil the newly designed and rebranded website! Ta da!

 As well as being a centralised hub for the blog, and magazine, the new Creative Services section outlines the new services I am offering. Writing, guest blogging, picture research & design are all skills I hope I can provide to others.  With my background in publishing, picture editing & design, I felt it was time I focus on these aspects of my career, and I hope to build on my previous experience of writing and blogging, so if you are interested in collaborating get in touch!

Not only that, also for small business owners I am extending the offer of informal one-to-one advice sessions - meeting with you and answering your questions and concerns about setting up your creative business, which can cover anything from doing your own PR to networking. Drop me a line to find out if I can help!

You may have noticed there is still a shop link on the website.  At the moment, I am still selling the last of my stock on - where there are a few things from our range still left. The future plans for this are still unconfirmed, but I may well hold the occasional online pop up shop for vintage items only! So look out for that.

So there you have it... the next chapter for Patchwork Harmony! I hope you will check out the new website, and I'd love to hear what you think, and if you have any suggestions on anything! And don't forget the next issue of 91 Magazine is out TOMORROW!

Caroline xxx

PS. Thanks to Katie of What Katie Does for the fantastic new website design! x


  1. It's lovely, congratulations! Can't wait for the magazine tomorrow!

  2. Love it! All the best with moving forward on the new chapter, must feel great!

  3. Gorgeous! Not that I expected anything less... :)

  4. lovely colours and feel. The new 91 Magazine cover is gorgeous too.


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