Thursday, September 13, 2012

Save the Dates

As I have previously said on here, I am not going to bore you with wedding related posts when you are here for interior style tips and ideas, BUT, if you are interested in my wedding plans, you can pop over to Poppy in Pearls where I will be writing regular posts for Sarah's 'Real Bride' series.
This week is the first of my posts, about the proposal and our initial plans and also I've shared my Save the Date cards which were designed by the wonderful Charlotte Love.

Charlotte created the illustration for us, and then I did all the printing, cutting, and packaging myself!
So wedding fiends, head over to Poppy in Pearls and read my first post! I weirdly feel slightly embarrassed talking about this relationship stuff, but hopefully you'll think its a nice story! xxx


  1. I love these! You're more than welcome to talk weddings with me because I'm right there in the same boat with you!


  2. So true, I usually hate talking about myself, but somehow on a blog, because it's not face-to-face I end up disclosing mush more of my inner thoughts!! Gorgie cards and packaging btw - where did you get the lovely zig-zaggy kraft paper?

  3. Caroline, they are beautiful, and so you!

    Heading over to read your story now :)

  4. cute and feminine, off to check your other posts!!


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