Thursday, September 27, 2012

Top design spot - Anglepoise

I don't often enter competitions. Mainly cos I don't count myself as particularly lucky. But hey, perhaps that's why I never win anything cos I never give myself a chance! So when Little Greene asked me if I'd like to enter their competition, I thought, why not?! Plus seeing as the entry requirement was to blog about my favourite 20th century design which sounded fun, and the prize is an Eames DSW Chair, which I have always wanted but could never afford! :( 

So, what is my favourite piece of 20th century design? there are so many timeless, classic items out there, but for me there was only one item that really stood out, and that is the Anglepoise lamp. To me this is a piece of design that will never date, and never looks out of place in any setting. As these pictures show, it can work in a lounge, office, bedroom, hallway or even the kitchen.  It has utilitarian style in bundles. Form. simplicity and function are all attributed - perfect for those times when you struggle to thread a needle in your craft room, or are just enjoying a good book on an winters evening. Constantly being copied & reworked, you are sure to find a colour, size and style to suit you, and who couldn't love the giant Anglepoise as in our last pic here?!

If you are interested in the history of the orginial Anglepoise, pop over to the website here.

This is my entry into Little Greene's 20th Century Design competition. Find out more at: 

Good luck to me! xxx 


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