Monday, October 29, 2012

Another weekend, another flea market

I definitely wouldn't say I'm a lazy person, but I can be a bit lazy sometimes when it involves travelling across London, and even if I think an event looks great, I can't be bothered with the trekking! But recently I've been making myself go to a few more things, as I know I love it once I'm there! and there are so many great events and markets on around London I should really take advantage of it! So this weekend, I went from South West to East, and visited the Vintage Furniture Flea in Bethnal Green.  Another event from Judy's Affordable Vintage Fairs, the market run in York Hall was perfect, as it was indoors, and Saturday was the first sign of winter coming in and was really chilly!! Packed full of lovely stalls and vintage goodies, and a tearoom with a selection of delectable delights, I was in heaven! Here's a few snaps from the stalls....

and my purchases.... 
some fabric....
a painting to add to my growing collection!  

some more plates for my wedding...

and my top purchase of the day, this mini suitcase! its only about 20cm wide! so cute! 

check out the next fairs coming up here


  1. Ooo I'm jealous, I love flea markets, there are some lovely finds here. I love the enamel 'boars head' sign.

  2. Oh, that fabric is needed in my life. Better get myself down to the next one!

  3. I could quite happily go to a flea market every weekend. This one looked lovely!

  4. Thanks so much for details about the vintage fair - it was in my diary but wasn't able to go because of other commitments. Lovely to see what kinds of goodies were there and ADORE your suitcase.

  5. Lovely to meet you Caroline. I was wondering who was behind that amazing e-magazine 91. What unique finds you've purchased. I find it's so fun rummaging through fairs and then finding that special something. :)


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