Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Brocantes & Vide Greniers

Since my other half's mum moved over to the Dordogne region of France, every time we visit I am desperate to check out some of the Brocantes (flea markets) and Vide Greniers ("attic sale" or car boot sale) But we've never quite managed until NOW!

During our recent visit which was mainly to organise some wedding plans, we got up early on Sunday morning and went hunting for some bargains! First we visited a vide grenier which was literally in a field next to a restaurant, and was also raising money for a dog charity! As well as the stalls there were lots of cute dogs too! bonus! :) 

Surprisingly I only bought one thing, which was this mustard jar! I guess I've always got Ryanair's insane baggage restrictions in the back of my mind when buying things over there...

Next we drove over to the lovely little town of Auberterre.  Here there were various stalls dotted around the streets and in the main square.  Most were full of vintage wares, although weirdly I found that many of the items were just a tad too rusty for my liking! The only thing I spotted was an enamel splashback to hang spoons on, but I wasn't quick enough and someone got in before me! :-O
My other half did buy the little black fold out clock in this first pic though...


I don't think anyone will be going to far on this bike! nice colour though!

  a slightly odd gaggle of folk....

as well as all the vintage, there were also some lovely food stalls in the square, beautiful flowers and homemade jams.... oh take me back! :)

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  1. Looks so lovely. They somehow seem so much more "authentic" then the London carboot I visit.


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