Monday, November 5, 2012

A gift of paper

There's no denying it, Christmas is definitely on its way! I even popped into the Christmas shop at Selfridges the other day to get myself in the mood, sometimes you just need to embrace the build up! If you are looking for a unique gift this year, then may I suggest the latest concept for lovers of all things paper - Stationery subscriptions.

I first came across Olive Box on Twitter.  Set up by Grace Kang, former buyer for Bloomingdales and Barneys in New York.  Olive Box is a monthly subscription where you will receive a box full of delightful goodies from cards, to gift tags to artwork, and each month has a surprise theme.  If you've had a bad day at work, imagine coming home to this little beauty?! It would certainly cheer me up!

Sadly, Olive Box do not deliver outside of the USA and Canada at the moment. :(  So what about those of us in the UK? Well, Gabrielle of The Green Gables has just recently launched a similar service called the Eco Stationery Club.  A beautifully presented box of eco friendly cards could be landing on your doorstep every month.  You will never be caught out forgetting someone's birthday again!

Other 'notable' subscriptions ('scuse the pun!) are Nicely Noted, also a US based company, who supply you with 3 beautiful letterpress cards per month with stamps....

And last but not least, Mercier Beaucoup - also US based, but appear to ship internationally! Again a beautifully curated selection of cards for all occassions.

Could you be tempted to sign up to a stationery subscription?! Also, if you haven't already had a peek, the current issue of 91 Magazine has a bit of focus on stationery so be sure to check it out if you're a fan! (NOTE: the next issue will be out very soon! make sure to subscribe to receive it straight to your inbox!)

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  1. Wow it's just great..where can i find this paper to use it for the design of Gift Card envelopes?


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