Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sian Elin designs at Mocha

You can't have missed the recent trend for geometric pattern, its everywhere on Etsy and Pinterest and its one of those trends that I think is going to carry over into 2013. I'm really loving these cushion designs from Welsh surface pattern designer Sian Elin...

I particularly love the colour palette of this first grouping of cushions, wouldn't they look lovely on a dark grey sofa?! I think my fave is the one in the middle....

The cushions are £59.99 from Mocha or from Sian's own website There also teatowels in some of the patterns too, and I am liking the look of the wallpaper on Sian's site!


  1. Great find!
    The circle one is very pretty and I'm loving the two colourful ones on the floor in the second picture... such gorgeous mix of pattern and colour!
    Emma, x

  2. I am loving geo print at the moment - it's so modern and a refreshing alternative to floral print. The teal pillow is incredible, love that subtle Moroccan vibe.


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