Monday, October 29, 2012

Another weekend, another flea market

I definitely wouldn't say I'm a lazy person, but I can be a bit lazy sometimes when it involves travelling across London, and even if I think an event looks great, I can't be bothered with the trekking! But recently I've been making myself go to a few more things, as I know I love it once I'm there! and there are so many great events and markets on around London I should really take advantage of it! So this weekend, I went from South West to East, and visited the Vintage Furniture Flea in Bethnal Green.  Another event from Judy's Affordable Vintage Fairs, the market run in York Hall was perfect, as it was indoors, and Saturday was the first sign of winter coming in and was really chilly!! Packed full of lovely stalls and vintage goodies, and a tearoom with a selection of delectable delights, I was in heaven! Here's a few snaps from the stalls....

and my purchases.... 
some fabric....
a painting to add to my growing collection!  

some more plates for my wedding...

and my top purchase of the day, this mini suitcase! its only about 20cm wide! so cute! 

check out the next fairs coming up here

Friday, October 26, 2012

Party in a caravan!

Last night I held a little party for all my fab 91 Magazine contributors to thank them for all their hard work over the last year.  I also realised that it was exactly a year to the day since I published the first issue of the magazine! So in fact it was a little birthday celebration too! I hired the caravan area in a lovely bar in Islington, called Barrio North and we had a fab time chatting the night away! Thanks so much to everyone who popped down, it was great to see you all. And to those who couldn't make it, I will definitely try and arrange another one in 2013! Here are a few snaps from the evening, more can be found over on our Facebook page.

  If you haven't had a chance to check out our latest issue of the magazine - pop over to the website, and have a peek! You can also read all our previous issues which are on our Archive page. The next issue is well underway, and I can't wait to share it with you in December! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vintage Furniture Flea

What are you up this weekend? I think I'm going to try and pop down to the Vintage Furniture Flea market over in Bethnal Green. Its another event run by Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, same as the one I went to at Spitalfields on my birthday- looks like it should be a good event!

More info here: Vintage Furniture Flea

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

One Fine Stay

I've never really been a flash hotel kinda girl, and while where I stay when I go away is generally down to budget than anything else, I do still prefer the experience of a homely B&B than a flashy but souless 4 star hotel. I like it when a room has quirks and personal touches, I even liked one place we stayed in Ireland a few years ago which had a large collection of scary looking dollies and teddies staring down at us from the wardrobe! To me this is so much more fun that a uniform room which you know is exactly the same as the one next door.

But while B&Bs have their charm they also have the slight feeling that you're living with the owner, and can sometimes be a bit close for comfort.  In one place we stayed in Cornwall recently, we came back to our room after being for a walk to find the owner had unpacked our bags for us, hung up our clothes, tidied my make bag and lined up our toiletries in the bathroom! slight invasion of privacy there! Another cottage we rented with friends one New Years, the owner lived next door, and spent our entire stay 'popping in' to see if we needed anything, or to ask if we wanted to go to the pub with his daughter?!! Again, there's being helpful and friendly and there's being annoying.

So this is why I am loving the latest trend for renting real peoples homes when you're abroad. You get that homely feel, but without the owner poking their nose in on what your plans are for the day. One company doing this in a very stylish way is One Fine Stay - currently operating in London and New York.  The homes they rent out are so stunning inside you may not want to go back to your own house! For example this one in Shoreditch, East London.... even though I live in London, I'm tempted to book it, just so I can pretend I live somewhere this cool for a few days! And lets face it, the staycation has never been more trendy.

Check out more of One Fine Stay's London homes and New York homes - it will have you drooling for hours. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

French Fancies: French Attic Finds

Another in my new series of all things Fran├žais! A lovely little etsy shop called French Attic Finds, where the owner Marmen collects her vintage wares from various vide greniers she visits near her home in France... do you spy anything you fancy?!

As you may know these posts are in celebration of my French wedding which I am planning for at the moment! If you are interested in hearing about my plans you can pop over to Poppy In Pearls and read my latest post about finding a venue in France.... All my wedding inspiration can be perused on my Pinterest boards too! :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Design your own fabric

Have you ever searched high and low for that perfect fabric? the right pattern, colour, weight? I remember how long it took me to choose the fabric for our living room curtains, I agonised for weeks!

So why not design your own fabric via Spoonflower? I came across this site recently after an interview I did for the latest 91 Magazine with Holly Bimba from Golly Bard. Its also possible to design your own wallpaper and wall decals too!

You can find all the tips for how to create your own designs and upload here - I think this is such a great idea - you could even use your childrens drawings and create a really personalised fabric, or perhaps you just want a simple design but need specific colours... the possibilities are endless! :)

If you don't fancy the process of making your own design, you can always browse the hundreds of patterns created by others that are for sale on the site too, there are loads on there so be prepared to lose a few hours scrolling through the site! These are a few of the patterns that caught my eye...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vintage shopping - Spitalfields

I've been meaning to post these pics all week, but typically the week has just flown by, I don't know where the time goes! Last weekend was my birthday, so armed with my birthday cash, we took a jaunt over to Spitalfields market, where Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair was on.  Shopping for my wedding gives me real purpose, so i was whizzing around the stalls stocking up on props and adding to my crockery collection.  I also treated myself to a lovely new coat!
The quality of the stalls was really good, and I must say the majority were - as the event name suggests - affordable! yay!
my new coat! and a top which was £8!

One of my favourite stalls was this one in the above 2 pics - it was jammed packed with quirky and pretty items! I could have spent loads, but had to restrain myself a little! It is run by Rebecca who also has an online shop, called I Heart Vintage! hurrah!
Here's a few of my fave picks from the website:

See here when and where the next Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair will be - they are not only in London! Oh and if you're in Spitalfields area today the We Make London designers will be there selling their wares! Have a great weekend! xxx

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Brocantes & Vide Greniers

Since my other half's mum moved over to the Dordogne region of France, every time we visit I am desperate to check out some of the Brocantes (flea markets) and Vide Greniers ("attic sale" or car boot sale) But we've never quite managed until NOW!

During our recent visit which was mainly to organise some wedding plans, we got up early on Sunday morning and went hunting for some bargains! First we visited a vide grenier which was literally in a field next to a restaurant, and was also raising money for a dog charity! As well as the stalls there were lots of cute dogs too! bonus! :) 

Surprisingly I only bought one thing, which was this mustard jar! I guess I've always got Ryanair's insane baggage restrictions in the back of my mind when buying things over there...

Next we drove over to the lovely little town of Auberterre.  Here there were various stalls dotted around the streets and in the main square.  Most were full of vintage wares, although weirdly I found that many of the items were just a tad too rusty for my liking! The only thing I spotted was an enamel splashback to hang spoons on, but I wasn't quick enough and someone got in before me! :-O
My other half did buy the little black fold out clock in this first pic though...


I don't think anyone will be going to far on this bike! nice colour though!

  a slightly odd gaggle of folk....

as well as all the vintage, there were also some lovely food stalls in the square, beautiful flowers and homemade jams.... oh take me back! :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Today I'm loving...

Today was the first day I've worn my winter coat, so Autumn is most definitely here... I usually try and string out summer as long as possible, but it was just too nippy this morning! Therefore I felt the need for a touch of 'Fall' on the blog today.  This beautiful print is by illustrator and designer Owen Gildersleeve. He made each individual leaf from paper, then laid them out and photographed them.  It is actually an archival giclee print even though it looks 3D! The colours are beautiful don't you think? Available from Howkapow for £30.
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