Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DIY: Polka dot gift tags

Following on from the previous post about polka dots, I thought I would make a few really easy gift tag ideas channeling the polka dot. I very rarely buy 'ready-made' gift tags anymore, as you can buy plain ones on eBay in bulk and then customise them yourself. These are 3 really simple ideas using coloured ink or stickers...  

The ink stamp set came from ImagineDIY and I used pencil eraser refills as the stamp. I picked these up in Bentalls in Kingston, but I'm sure you can get them in most stationery shops. SUCH a simple one to make and you can create your own patterns, experiment with the colours etc!

I think these are my favourite. I got this pack of masking tape stickers on Etsy.  Again SO simple, and you can just play around with different designs and add different ribbons to match the stickers.

The last one is probably the cheapest one, as the stickers are really cheap to buy from any stationery shop. With a bit more of a bold, graphic feel these would be perfect for gifts for males.
You'll never have to spend money on fancy gift tags ever again! :)


  1. Hi I love reading your posts because Bentalls, Kingston is one of my old stomping grounds. Before I moved to Cornwall. I like the idea of
    making your own gift tags. I will be making my own from now on.

  2. Lovely ideas! Are the masking tape stickers circular? Or did you cut them to shape from the sheet?

    1. yeah they come with some circles, some thick lines and some thin lines! they are fab! :)

  3. Those look beautiful! I make my own gift tags from brown card, but hadn't thought about making them polka dot covered! I'll definitely be digging out my ink pads next time I have to wrap a gift :)


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