Monday, January 21, 2013

The stylish polka dot

Pinterest is a great place for seeing trends emerging. I've recently noticed a lot of polka dots around, but used in a more interesting way than ever before. Polka dots aren't just for kids rooms (although they do look particularly fab there!) We are seeing them taking on a more stylish persona, from ceramics, to walls; big dots, little dots and even plates that ARE the dots!

via Wee Birdy
Hello Milky on Etsy


Luna Lighting

Stampel Studio

Source unknown via Pinterest

Up in the air somewhere on Etsy

Source unknown via Pinterest
 Would you be bold enough for a polka dot wall?! Or would you rather give a nod to the trend with a spotty mug or pillow? Check out more of our polka dot inspiration on our dotty Pinterest board.

Picture research assistance: Hannah Bishop


  1. Polka dots are so timeless, it's incredible how designers are constantly updating them. I think I would try a polka dot wall, because the walls in the pictures look amazing.


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